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Discourse Journal: Volume 9:1 - Index
Editorial: Disciplines and Progression

Interview with George MacDonald Ross - George MacDonald Ross

This issue's interview with former Subject Centre Director, George MacDonald Ross - pp. 17-32

Student Focus Group Report - Rebecca O'Loughlin

This article discusses the outcomes of a focus group run by the Subject Centre for students in PRS disciplines. They discussed a wide range of issues, including progression, motivations for study, approaches to learning, views of module design and assessment, and career aspirations - pp. 33-54

Tandem Learning and Interfaith Dialogue - Jon Gilbert and Christian Kaestner

This article discusses the research and development of the interfaith tandem learning project at the University of Sheffield - pp. 55-76

PRS Beyond Boundaries - Andy Cochrane and Clare Saunders

This article describes an exploratory survey of 'PRS beyond boundaries' undertaken in order to discover more about such provision, and to gain a more complete picture of the true size, nature and diversity of PRS learning and teaching in higher education - pp. 77-92

Wot u @ uni 4? - Brendan Larvor and John Lippitt

This article discusses a project funded by the Subject Centre, which used focus groups to explore philosophy students' answers to six questions, including their reasons for going to university and their views of the purpose of higher education - pp. 93-110

What is Autonomous Learning? - Keith Crome, Ruth Farrar and Patrick O'Connor

This article has its origin in a project sponsored by the Subject Centre for Philosophy and Religious Studies (PRS) in 2008 that set out to examine the experience of tutors and first year undergraduate students at Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU) with regard to autonomous learning - pp. 111-126

The 14-19 Diploma in Humanities and Social Sciences - George MacDonald Ross

This article sets out the pros and cons of the new 14-19 Diploma in Humanities and Social Sciences - pp. 127-142

The Virtues of Thinking - Pete Worley

This article discusses the phase of education that precedes the undergraduate phase, drawing on Aristotle to outline a solution to the 'spoon-feeding-and-teaching-to-the-test' culture. It also says something about how philosophy, when included in this earlier phase of education, can address these problems - pp. 143-150

Young Dogs, New Tricks - Nick Jones

This article discusses a compulsory online module for incoming single honours students in the Philosophy department at the University of York, called Academic Skills for Philosophers, aimed at improving the skills of undergraduates - pp. 151-154

Inclusion of Ethnic Minorities in Philosophy A-Level at an FE College - Sally Latham

This article looks at issues of inclusion and diversity in philosophy A level - pp. 155-164

Weaving Philosophy into the Fabric of Cultural Life - David Rose

This article discusses a research programme supported by the Subject Centre for PRS, which explored whether the actual experience of undertaking an object-centred research programme in philosophy at Newcastle University fulfills its goals and whether its delivery could be improved - pp. 165-182

Only Connect: A Web-based Approach to Supporting Student Learning in the Philosophy of Social Science - Stephen Timmons

Report on a Subject Centre funded project for the development of a module website for the 'Philosophy of Social Science' module for post-graduate students in the School of Nursing at the University of Nottingham - pp. 183-194

The Value of Studying Philosophy for PG Research Students in Nursing - Stephen Timmons, Alastair Morgan, Alison Edgley and Jennifer Park

This article discusses a compulsory module for postgraduate students in the School of Nursing at Nottingham University, 'Philosophy of Social Science' - pp. 195-210

Exploring Formation for Ministry in a Learning Church - Michael Delashmutt

This article analyses changes in educational ideology and methodology within the South West Ministry Training Course (SWMTC) and, more broadly, the Church of England's Formation for Ministry within a Learning Church remit - pp. 211-236

Foundation Degrees for Ministerial Training: Their Potential and Challenges - Louise Redshaw

This paper sets out to identify some of the potential and challenges in the development of Foundation Degrees for ministerial training. It draws on the experience of developing new Foundation Degree programmes from first principles, and re-configuring an existing certificate and diploma programme into a Foundation Degree - pp. 237-254

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