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Resources for aspiring academics

Handouts: These are a series of handouts used in various seminars and conferences:

  • A chair in ten years - download [DOC]
  • Sources of Further Information for Career Development - download [DOC]
  • Career development starts here - download [PDF]
  • Academic Capital, Postgraduate Research and British Universities:a Bourdieu Inspired Reflection - download [PDF]
  • How to Give an Academic Talk: Changing the Culture of Public Speaking in the Humanities - download [PDF]
  • Reflective Evaluation - download [DOC]
  • Developing researchers in the arts & humanities: lessons from a pilot - download [PDF]

Presentation: These are a series of presentations used in various seminars and conferences:

  • Bibliographic Software and Online Resources for Research - download [PDF]
  • Making a presentation - download [DOC]
  • What next? Planning your doctoral career - download [PPT]
  • Postgraduate Research Skills Workshop - download [PPT]
  • Making PowerPoint Slides - download [PPT]
  • Research in Context: Situating your research - download [PPT]
  • Staging an event - download [PPT]

Sessions: These are a series of presentations used in various seminars and conferences:

  • Aspiring Academics Workshop - THursday May 20th, 2010 - download [PPT]
  • Academic Practice in Theology and Religious Studies - download [PPT]
  • Designing a Curriculum - download [PPT]
  • Developing a Teaching Portfolio (1) - download [PPT]
  • Developing a Teaching Portfolio (2) - download [PPT]
  • Making the most of conferences - download [PPT]
  • Philosophy Now - download [PPT]
  • The Research Excellence Framework - download [PPT]
  • Research Funding - download [PPT]
Support Webresource

Some support websites:

  • Centre for Excellence in Preparing for Academic Practice:

    The Centre is based at the Oxford Learning Institute, and is funded by HEFCE to support postgraduate research students and postdoctoral researchers who wish to develop academic careers. It undertakes research on the changing nature of ‘academic practice’ and also provides a range of practical activities and tools to support aspiring and early career academics in all aspects of their career development – research, teaching, and other dimensions of academic life (such as administration and management).
  • Intute: Arts and Humanities:

    Intute is jointly funded by the AHRC and JISC. It is a free online service providing you with access to the best Web resources for education and research, selected and evaluated by a network of subject specialists. It also provides tools and events to enable students and academics to make the most of these academic resources; and personalised functions such as an ‘alerts’ service for new resources.
  • ‘Beyond the PhD’:

    An online career resource tailored specifically for arts and humanities PhD researchers, which has been developed by the Centre for Career Management Skills at the University of Reading. Beyond the PhD brings together audio interviews, video discussions and articles aimed at making visible what happens to postgraduate researchers after they graduate.
  • Vitae (formerly UK GRAD):

    Vitae is funded by Research Councils UK to support the personal, professional and career development of doctoral researchers and research staff in higher education institutions and research institutes. Their activities include a range of events, publications and resources designed to support research students and early career academics.

Most HE institutions provide dedicated support to research students and early career academics. Individual HEIs structure this support differently – at least some such support is likely to be provided by central departments such as the research support office or academic / staff / educational development unit; additional support may also be available at school or faculty level.

Many subject associations and learned societies also provide support to new and aspiring academics.

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