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Faith Guides

This series of Faith Guides from the Higher Education Academy Subject Centre for Philosophical and Religious Studies will not necessarily solve all the controversies or confusion, but may bring some answers to some of these basic questions, through providing individuals, departments, and institutions with resource information on issues relat- ing to teaching people of faith in a higher education environment.

Series editor: Gary R. Bunt

Copyright © the Subject Centre for Philosophical and Religious Studies, 2010

While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of this publication and the other titles in the series, neither the publisher, series editor, or author is responsible for applications and uses of the information contained within. The Subject Centre takes no responsibility for the content of external websites listed in this guide.

A Guide to Buddhism

A Guide to Christianity
A Guide to Hinduism
David Mossley and Simon Smith
Gregory A. Barker
Maya Warrier
A Guide to Islam
A Guide to Judaism
A Guide to Sikhism
Amjad Hussain and Kate El-Alami
Lavinia Cohn-Sherbok
Eleanor Nesbitt
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