Education, Extremism and Criticality

Education, Extremism and Criticality   This conference was for all those involved in education, the seduction of extremism in all its various forms raises serious questions: How do we define extremism? What is educational interest in extremism? Does the sympathy for extremism, religious and far-right, among some young people reflect the failure of liberal education… Read More »

The HEA Subject Centre for Philosophical and Religious Studies Archive

AULRE hosts the archive for the HEA Subject Centre for Philosophical and Religious Studies Archive. It can be accessed through this link <a href=”” target=”_blank” > here</a>. This site contains an archive of some of the materials from the Subject Centre for PRS which closed on the 31st December 2011. Materials will not be updated… Read More »

Dr Tania ap Siôn, keynote at AULRE

We are delighted that Dr Tania ap Siôn, Senior Research Fellow in the Warwick Religions and Education Research Unit, and Executive Director of the St Mary’s Research centre, Wales, is presenting a keynote at this year’s AULRE 2015 annual conference. Prior to her current positions, Tania was a lecturer of Religious Education in the School of… Read More »

Dr Farid Panjwani, keynote at AULRE 2015

We are delighted that Dr Farid Panjwani of UCL Institute of Education is presenting a keynote at the AULRE 2015 conference. Dr Farid Panjwani works in four area: interfaces between religion, citizenship and education, including their historical dimension and issues around representation of intra-religious diversity; philosophy of education, particularly on the conceptions of knowledge and personhood… Read More »

Dr Joyce Miller, keynote at AULRE 2015

We are delighted that Dr Joyce Miller is presenting a keynote at our AULRE 2015 conference. She retired in 2007 from the post of Head of Diversity and Cohesion at Education Bradford where she led a team promoting community cohesion, race equality and respect for diversity. This included responsibility for religious education and the Interfaith… Read More »

Prof Trevor Cooling Keynote at AULRE 2015

We are delighted that Professor Trevor Cooling, Professor of Christian Education at Canterbury Christ Church University and Director of the National Institute to Christian Educational Research is presenting a keynote at our AULRE 2015 conference.  He recently led a research project on the “Whatiflearning” approach to Christian pedagogy, see the report here. He is also the Chair of… Read More »


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