The Annual General Meeting of AULRE  is held during the Association’s annual conference, which normally takes place in early September. Members are encouraged to take an active role in the governance and development of the Association. The day-to-day responsibility for administering the Association is held by the elected members of the Executive Committee:

Elected Officers

Chair Sean Whittle (Elected 2021)

Vice Chair Pat Hannam (Elected 2021)

Treasurer Jo Pearce (Elected 2021)

Membership Emma Salter (Elected 2021)

Other Officers (coopted by the exec)

Executive Chair and Scotland Stephen McKinney

Primary rep Linda Whitworth

Journal Stephen Parker

Northern Ireland Norman Richardson

Wales Linda Maddock

Website  Bob Bowie

Social Media Katie Clemmey

Kathryn Wright

Farid Panjwani

AULRE members are available to provide comment, analysis and advice to the press and media on issues of local, national and international significance at the interface of religion and education.

Our membership is made up of academics with a variety of research interests and expertise. WA directory of members interests and expertise is available in the members’ section, if you wish particular expertise please contact us.

Inquiries should be made, in the first instance, to the chair of AULRE, Stephen McKinney.