We need your help to find the next Gen RE Teachers

By | 3rd March 2023



We need your help to recruit the next generation of RE teachers

Britain needs RE teachers. Beyond inspiring young people to tackle life’s big questions and develop their own worldview, RE is at the heart of interfaith understanding in our communities across the country.

As with many subjects, RE is facing a shortage of teachers. As of January UCAS statistics are down one-third of applicants. Schools are already facing a problem with RE specialism, with a recent NATRE data review finding around 500 secondary schools in the country not offering the subject at Year 11.

Despite this, RE continues to be an incredibly popular GCSE. Around a quarter of a million students take the subject yearly. It is also proving popular at A-Level, being one of the fastest growing humanities over the last two decades.

We have a wealth of resources and a strong network to help get a new generation of RE teachers into the classroom. We now need your help to make the most from our new campaign.

The campaign

Over the next few months we will be launching content across our platforms. This includes:

  • –  Video testimonials from some of the country’s leading RE teachers
  • –  Religion and Worldviews videos from RE Champions, politicians and supportersexplaining why we need to teach the subject
  • –  A dedicated recruitment website with all the information for applicants to sign up toa course

We will also be targeting university job boards, LinkedIn networks and relevant media to reach potential candidates.

How can you help?

RE teaching offers a chance for a stimulating career, tackling some of the most important issues facing the world today, firing up young minds eager for answers to the big questions.

Here’s what you can do:●  Visit and share our campaign website on your social media and networks

●  Re-tweet our messages and videos on Twitter at @ReThinkREnow, @RECouncil,@NATREupdate and @aulretweets

●  Share our award winning campaign video across your networks

●  Follow Culham St Gabriel’s Trust on LinkedIn and share our content to inspire yourown network

●  Ask yourself who in your network can help and get them involved.

Do you know anyone thinking about a career change?

Every conversation helps. We know that career changers often opt to go into teaching and great teachers come from all backgrounds. Looking for someone interested in tackling the big questions in life in the classroom? RE could just be for them. There are plenty of resources available to prepare their knowledge and skills for the PGCE, including specialist subject knowledge.

Why not encourage them to sign up to our free applicants webinar on Monday March 27th.For more information visit our stakeholder website or if you have any questions, contact Kathryn Wright at ceo@cstg.org.uk.

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