Sneak Peak: Denise Cush’s AULRE Seminar

By | 9th March 2022

Please click the link to register for next week’s AULRE Academic Seminar with CCCU which is presented by Professor Denise Cush Wednesday 16th March 17.30-1900 Registration link (if it does not work first time try an alternative browser)

Speaker Biography

Denise Cush (BA Oxford, MA Lancaster, PhD Warwick), Professor of Religion and Education at Bath Spa University. Denise has taught Religious Studies in a sixth form college, trained both primary and secondary teachers in religious education, and taught Study of Religions at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. Until recently she was Head of the Department of Study of Religions (now Religions, Philosophy and Ethics) at Bath Spa. She was deputy editor of the British Journal of Religious Education, a major international journal. In addition to religious education, her teaching and research interests include Buddhism, Hinduism, Christianity and alternative spiritualities such as Paganism. Denise is a former AULRE Chair and a Commissioner of the CORE Report.