AULRE Academic Seminars

By | 31st January 2022

In collaboration with Canterbury Christ Church University

AULRE is delighted to share details of its research seminars taking place during the spring of 2022 

This series of seminars is intended to bring to the fore research being undertaken currently by AULRE members. All are welcome to attend the seminars whether currently AULRE members or otherwise.

All seminars take place 17.30-19.00 and consist of presentation + good time for questions and discussion.

Wednesday 9thFebruary with Dr David Lewin: Senior Lecturer in Philosophy of Education, Strathclyde University

The ‘After Religious Education’ projectaddresses two main questions: 1) What should the pedagogical logic of the representation of (non)religion(s) in RE be? 2) How can this pedagogical logic be illustrated through the development of exemplary curricula materials? This pedagogical logic attempts to set out principles for an inclusive yet nonetheless selective curriculum. If we can’t include every religious and non-religious worldview, how do we approach RE?,x7VF3Lw4Dk6LbicFWzNxTg,ynxFplHQ8kuqQ2dC6N5jPw,id2QQEaVrk-G5T6FgZIK0Q,iWIH6e8uhE672mMvYdJ63g,6d5kGwQSaUWT5Gq1QwPB_A?mode=read&tenantId=0320b2da-22dd-4dab-8c21-6e644ba14f13

Wednesday 16thMarch with Professor Denise Cush: Emeritus Professor, Bath Spa University

”But are you religious yourself?”: being non-binary between ‘religious’ and ‘non-religious’

The webinar presentation will link personal ‘lived experience’ of the difficulties of answering that question with the academic critique of the concept of ‘religion’, especially in relation to Dharmic (Buddhist, Jain, Hindu) and newer forms of nature-based religiosity such as found in contemporary Paganism, as well as some forms of ‘progressive’ Christianity. What are the implications of this issue for RE/Religion and Worldviews Education?,x7VF3Lw4Dk6LbicFWzNxTg,ynxFplHQ8kuqQ2dC6N5jPw,FoVF4YJcoE6CqBf9eaeGXQ,AHb4EjqGyEyKovNPhRAOXg,IM1YYUF0e0GqspBjuu6wNw?mode=read&tenantId=0320b2da-22dd-4dab-8c21-6e644ba14f13

Tuesday 5thApril with Dr Janet Orchard: Senior Lecturer in the School of Education, University of Bristol.

In this seminar Janet will present her research project ‘Shared Space: developing ‘powerful knowledge’,a model of inter-religious dialogue, undertaken through a teacher fellowship model for RE specialists.,x7VF3Lw4Dk6LbicFWzNxTg,ynxFplHQ8kuqQ2dC6N5jPw,DtbY_a-tgUGg8HS4qflkkw,Wc3PdphU8kuiy23JlwddWA,HuRnymBKS02aq_PEoVmtYg?mode=read&tenantId=0320b2da-22dd-4dab-8c21-6e644ba14f13