AULRE 2021 The Keynotes and Papers

By | 16th June 2021

Annual Conference: Keynotes and Papers in the Main Part of the Day

Tuesday 22nd June (10:30am – 6pm)

Conference theme:

‘Researching RE: Changing Times for Religious Education’


Keynote ‘Cultivating the Unthinkable in Religious Education: World views and teaching to transgress.’  Professor Lynn Revell

Keynote ‘Worldview frames curricula and infuses discipline, but what do beginning teachers think? ‘ Professor Bob Bowie

Dr Patricia Hannam: Applying research to Locally Agreed Syllabus development in a time of pandemic and climate crisis.

Dr Kieth Sharpe Religion and Worldviews in 1944 and 2021: A Sociological Analysis of Religious Education in Two Sociohistorical Contexts

Dr Nusrat Rizvi & Dr Riaz Hussain Title: Analysis of religious text in language (Urdu) textbooks

Dr Vivienne Baumfield What kind of research are RE teachers interested in, how do they access it and how is it interpreted? 

Dr Sjay Patterson-Craven, EdD  Exploring the experiences and teacher agency of beginner teachers in Secondary RE

Dr Emma Salter.  Is CoRE’s proposed National Entitlement for Religious Education any good?

Dr Martha Shaw, Associate Professor in Education: Rethinking and Redefining Religious Literacy: Worldview Literacy as critical engagement in plurality.

Dr Brian Gates We are very good at talking to ourselves. Less so at talking with and listening to others.

Dr. Mustafa Cabir Altintas, Sirnak University, Faculty of Theology and Religious Education : The Role of Religious Education in the 21st century: Worldviews and Identity Discernment of Muslim Youth 

Hannah Jayne: The Inclusive RE Classroom – Why LGBT+ Identities Matter

Dr Patricia Kieran  (Mary Immaculate College) and Dr Aiveen Mullally (Marino Institute or Education) From Catholicism to Chi, Chakras and Crystals: belief plasticity among students in the Republic of Ireland. 

Dr. Bernadette Sweetman, Mater Dei Centre for Catholic Education, DCU Learnings from the Adult Religious Education and Faith Development Project (AREFD) for the Initial Teacher Education of Religious Educators

Dr Nigel Fancourt, Interdisciplinary perspective-taking within argumentation: students’ strategies across science and religious education

David Hutchings The Multiverse in Our Heads

Dr Amalee Meehan Second level Religious Education in Ireland in a time of change: What do teachers say?

Alexis Stones and Dr Jo Fraser-Pearce Respect as a barrier to powerful knowledge in RE? 

David Lundie Values in Transition and Crisis – A Comparative Ethnography

Rehana Adil The Use of Images to Support Students in Developing Critical Visual Literacy

Jessica Chan The  similarities and differences between three pairs of science and RE teachers in terms of their understanding of argumentation and teaching argumentation. 

Stephen McKinney Preferential Option for the Poor and Catholic schools? A critical Inquiry.

Mark Plater RE ITE Covid-cohort survey

Rebekah Ackroyd, University of Cumbria (5 Minute paper) Promoting tolerance and mutual respect: perceptions and practices of teachers of Religious Education 

Sean Whittle: The RSE Statutory Guidelines and Catholic schools …and RE lessons