By | 16th June 2016

Professor Chris Baker, Director of Research at the William Temple Foundation, is currently exploring the connection between beliefs, values and worldviews (which we sometimes call spiritual capital) and the way people act in the public sphere (for example the work place, business or the local community). If our values and beliefs do influence the way we act in the public sphere, then what is the impact of that for ourselves, those we work or live alongside and the way we structure the things around us?

 In seeking some answers to these questions, his team at the Foundation are developing a belief and social wellbeing questionnaire which is designed to see if there is any connection between strength of belief and values (both religious and non-religious), wellbeing and flourishing, and how we orientate ourselves to others in the public sphere. The survey is completely anonymised and is a pilot, and therefore will be used to improve any future surveys.

The survey is 50 questions, all asking for simple preferences in response to statement and ideas, and should take around 10 minutes to complete. We would be grateful if you could complete it within the next week – i.e. the 22nd June. Please feel free to share with your contacts as well. 

The link to the survey is here: